Rise in sneaker sales in bangalore

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Sneaker sales see a rise in bangalore city

Sneakers resellers in Bangalore are seeing a rise in sales despite the economy.

Omkar Meher


Bangalore to become a  major sneaker selling and buying hub after Bombay and Delhi.


Abhiraj Singh Owner Of Cop Shop Said that in the pandemic his business increased by 40% when he started advertising his retail store of sneakers on Instagram and Facebook and said that there is a huge demand for them from all age groups.

Many youngsters especially students are now getting into this culture of buying sneakers as they are in lot of hype right now as Sneakers have become the main part of pop culture.

Whenever a celebrity is spotted wearing a limited-edition sneaker, the value of that sneaker increases tenfold on the market.

Dushyant, an Engineering student, and a sneakerhead recount how he got attracted to this culture,” in 2015 I went with a friend for shopping shoes and saw a pair of Air Jordan 1s and was instantly attracted to them and since then has built a collection of over 20 sneakers.

But according to Kevin who owns a sneaker reseller shop on brigade road,” the bubble of the sneakers will one day suddenly burst and then no one will buy them as the commodity will be different that time.



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