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One hundred and sixty nine accidents have taken place in Yelahanka area of Bengaluru till July of this year. KR Pura stands second with 160 accidents.

By Nikita Gupta

Date: August 29, 2019

Yelahanka has witnessed the maximum number of road accidents this year. Whereas KR Pura saw maximum number of deaths due to road accidents this year.

Ramesh, a commuter in Yelahanka, says, “Sometimes people drive at a higher speed here than highway. If speed is controlled, number of accidents can be controlled.”

Last year data shows that KR Pura was the hotspot of road accidents with 283, maximum last year. Yelahanka had 221 on its account.

Ranjana, investigating officer, Traffic Police, Yelahanka, says, “Centre median is not of right height and this causes accidents involving pedestrians. Rash driving, drink and drive are some of the other reasons.”

In 2018, 48 road accidents resulted in death in KR Pura. The number shows that this year, in seven months, 31 fatal accidents have taken place.

Devaraja who runs a canteen on the highway in KR Pura says, “An accident a day is a normal occurring.”

Puttaswamy, Head Constable, KR Pura Traffic Police, agrees that the median is one of the main reasons for accidents. Pedestrians who cross roads meet with maximum number of accidents.

One hundred and thirty non-fatal accidents resulted in 133 getting injured in KR Pura. For Yelahanka, 130 non-fatal accidents resulted in 187 getting injured.

Pedestrians crossing anywhere on the road is called jaywalking. It is unlawful and the department canimposea  fine of Rs. 50.

Mr. MN Sreehari, Traffic Management Expert,  tells us that the solution to the problem is creating an infrastructure facility where the median is open, so people can cross by zebra-crossing and vehicles also can take a U-turn.


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