Sale of electric scooters accelerates

Published on March 22, 2022 by

Karnataka has the second-highest registration in the country

Bengaluru : A Parliament reply by the Union Transport Ministry shows the sale of two-wheeler electric vehicles between 2019 and 2021 increased by 422%. It went up from 28,508 to 1,49,068. Karnataka recorded the second-highest registration at 33,307 in the last year.

This, as sales of regular two-wheelers, has dropped. Consumers say high fuel prices are a major reason for them not buying one.

“I’ve friends who have two-wheelers and I see them spending huge amounts (of money) for petrol. Since it (petrol) is so expensive, I don’t see the need to buy one (two-wheeler). There’s no place to park them (two-wheelers) as well,” said Sinjini G, a resident.

Data from the Federation of Automobile Dealers Association shows there has been a 11 percent decline in domestic two-wheeler sales between February 2021 and 2022.

High fuel prices and semi-conductor chip shortages post-pandemic are some reasons that have led to low two-wheeler sales in the last two years

Retailers say they face tough competition in the market.

“The sales have come down due to the launch of electric vehicles by many brands. We are facing tough competition. Besides, fuel prices and increase in the road tax are also major issues (for low sales),” said Rajni S, sales manager at Value Motors Agency Pvt Ltd.

Experts say there is a change in consumer mindset about electric vehicles.

“A hype is being created (about EVs) and the customer’s mindset is being changed. When he buys a petrol scooter, he thinks will it be relevant 8 years down the line (because of EVs being introduced)? But the availability plus charging (of EVs) is a big problem there,” said Vinkesh Gulati, President of the Federation of Automobile Dealers Association



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