Shortage of staff in government hospital

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Staff shortages left the patients’ lives at risk as they are waiting for long hours to get treated.


22th September,2022,BENGALURU

Patients wait for long hours for treatment in Victoria Hospital in Bangalore due to less number of staff


There is a long queue outside the Victoria hospital and patients have to wait to get admitted even during emergencies. The people sitting outside the hospital waiting for a long time just for the medication and nursing treatment as Jagdish’s brother who was injured in an accident said.”We waited around one hour for bed and after multiple approaches and phone calls we then got the bed.”

Another Patient relative Ravi Kumar said ”Early morning 3:30 her relative died and its 12:30 now there has been no doctor visit and we haven’t got a proper response till now and haven’t provided with the ambulance.”

Officers from Victoria Hospital say as they are understaffed but it is not affecting their patients. However, Dr Deepak who is the Special Officer from Victoria Hospital said “We divide the work; every patient will be in a particular department or unit where we’ll have number of working staff. So, we’ll divide the staff according to the work required to treat the patient.”

Karnataka Lokayukta surprise visit informed there are 413 vacant posts in Victoria Hospital. Also doctors from the Emergency Centre say that” they need more manpower, infrastructure and delegation of work.” Dr Praveen who works in Emergency Centre of Victoria Hospital said “Our duty is 24 hours. Almost 48 hours I have to work with my ward. Patients are going to be in an emergency situation, we can’t afford sleep at that point of time.”

However, Adnan Khan who is the Medical Professor of Rajarajeswari College said that there is more of disparity and the lack of doctors in rural population as compared to the urban population

Also, Superintendent Ramesh Krishnan said that they have requested for more staff from the government authorities.

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