Solid waste burning causing respiratory disorders in residents of Nalakhamba

Published on October 1, 2021 by

People of Nalakhamba burn garbage and plastic in the open, causing an increase in air pollution and respiratory disorders.

Bengaluru: The residents are not aware about the authority in charge of garbage collection and the penalties for burning waste. According to the report, the violation of Section 19(5) of Air (prevention and control of pollution) Act 1981 and section 19(B) Environment Protect Act 1986 will lead to a penalty of Rs 5 Lakh or imprisonment of 5 years.

Hemlata, resident of Nalakhama said, “we all collect the garbage, and we just burn it because we don’t have any BBMP or corporation to take our garbage.”

Residents are aware about the implications of garbage burning, particularly on their health. A shopkeeper Sharanu said, the garbage accumulated in the lanes nearby is hardly ever cleared by any authority. After a few days it starts stinking. So, they take matters in their own hands and start burning the garbage to clear the area. The smoke released from the burning releases harmful gases like carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide causes problems like eczema and asthma. The residents are helpless as they don’t have any alternative. According to Maltesh, a local doctor, there are about 10-15 asthma and eczema patients every month.

The residents complain that the panchayat, which is the responsible authority is also doing the same. Ravi Kumar, tax collector of the Panchayat said that they hire contractors for clearing up the garbage as they don’t have any sweepers. The garbage is collected and transported to the authorized land and then burnt.

Ravi, also said, they have decided to hold a meeting to decide future measures and to bring an end to this issue in the next 10-15 days.

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