Substance abuse is seen more in children in Bangalore.

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Substance abuse is seen more in children in Bangalore.


Usage of abuse cases are seen more below the age of 18 years that affects their health.


Banned Whitener bottles are still available in the market that affects children’s mental, physical and emotional health.

State home department data  shows due to substance  abuse this year between January to March  more than 1200 cases have registered yet. January 2017 to March 2022 Karnataka registered 14,832 substance cases.

Ajeet Ghatge, senior Sub Inspector of Cubbon Park said, “Substance abuse is seen more in children as whitener is easily available in the market. Children get these things  easily. We caught them and sent them to some NGOs and from there they sent these children to rehabilitation centers to get treated.”

Nagasinha Rao, Director of Child Right Trust NGO said, “We must talk to children with some care then only they will share their problems with us. If we give them some responsible work then they will think they are worthy. They do not lose their morality and self- confidence and stop doing these kinds of abuses.”

National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences (NIMHANS) data shows 20 children’s reach deaddiction centers everyday. Data also shows .  Last year there were 5,780 cases and in 2020 there were 4,053 cases.

Dr Kalpana, counselor at NIMHANS said, “Whitener is easily available for children to buy in the market. Shop owners do not even ask any kind of questions to the children. Regulated authorities should take care of this and there should be more rehabilitation centers other than NIMHANS.”

According to the expert, despite the ban of the bottle whiteners in Karnataka it is available at different platforms. In such an adverse situation parents should take care of their children as they are not indulging in substance abuse.




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