The demand for Organic food increases as people become health conscious.

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Organic food

You are what you eat!

Bengaluru saw a rise in sales by 30% in the organic food market according to the Karnataka State Co-operative Organic Producers Federation Ltd.


Since the pandemic, the one fear everybody has developed is falling sick or even catching a common cold, which has made the consumers question what they have been eating. Bengaluru-based organic food companies such as Organic tatva, Svastya organic, Organic 24, and healthy Buddha saw a rise in their sales by 30-90% in a span of one year.

To eat healthily is to stay healthy and what’s healthier than organic food, that’s free from pesticides and synthetic fertilizers. In order to take no risks regarding their health, many people have shifted to consuming organic food, which has resulted in a hike in organic food companies’ sales. “ My family has started eating more organic fruits and vegetables now because of the pandemic. We have been told it is important to take care of our health and organic fruits and vegetables are good immunity boosters,” said Ankita Kumar, an organic food consumer. Health experts claim that organic food is more nutritious, flavor-rich, contains rich vitamins, and are free from chemicals that can cause cancer and other harmful diseases.

In order to meet the demands of an increasing number of consumers many companies such as Svastya Organics, have also shifted their business online. Sharanya Raj, the founder of Svastya says, “During Pandemic as a lot of people could not visit the stores we started our business online to meet the demands of consumers all around the country”. She also added, “As Svsatya is pure extraction of organic matter, people trust as more as they have become very health conscious especially after the pandemic.”

The demand for organic food in India is also being catalyzed by the strong support of the government. The Indian government is promoting organic farming by providing financial support to farmers who are adopting organic farming under various government schemes.

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