The Tangled cables. Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike(BBMP), denied permission for overhead cables from May 2022.

Published on September 24, 2022 by

Optical Fiber Cable (OFC) pose threat to commuters, pedestrians in Bengaluru.


“Unauthorized OFCs seen tangled on footpaths of M.G. Road. It’s risky for us”,pedestrians complaining.

Preethi Sivan , a regular pedestrian on M.G. Road  said “I am taking this road from quite few months, it looks scary, when it is raining you can’t go anyway near it and its completely on road people might fall and it doesn’t look nice in this area.”

In 2013, BBMP had formed a ten member committee to inspect and estimate the number of illegal cables in the city. They estimated that 90 percent of cables were illegal in Bengaluru. The draft policy says, “Karnataka Municipal Corporations Rules, 2015 was published on January 14,2016 ,  it is mandatory to obtain licenses for laying cables. There can be no communication cables on electric poles. License to lay overhead cables will be restricted. They will be permitted only in exceptional cases.The sag of cable should not interfere with the movement of vehicles. The applicant should earmark a pre-defined route. Penalty will be levied on those who lay or install cables without license.”

Senior Technician, Jio Fiber, Allahbaksh said, “we don’t take permission from BBMP as the cables are tucked on trees, we take permission from the building/house owner.”

However, BBMP’s Chief Engineer [O.F.C], N. Yamuna said “These cables are unauthorized, our team of engineers visit such areas and cut the cables off.”

People do not want to touch the  cables because they think it can be electric cable and hence dangerous . As  nobody checks them, unused cables laid by cable operators tangle on poles and footpaths and cause risk to pedestrians.

Mr. Ramana Paineti , an urban planner said “ usually when we design something , the cable connection is underground for the safety of pedestrians . You can see that in newly designed plans. It is the recommended way so that pedestrians would not trip on OFCs.”

It will be interesting to see how BBMP and pedestrians will deal with the tangled cables on footpaths.



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