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Bengaluru with 209 flood-prone areas, have to wait for 105 telemetric water sensors under the State Disaster Monitoring Center’s Urban Flood Management Model.

Bengaluru: Bengaluru has to wait for access to 105 telemetric sensors as per the Karnataka State Natural Disaster Monitoring Unit (KSNDMC)’s declaration last year. The city with 209 flood-prone areas, has only 28 working telemetric water sensors to alert about the storm-water floods.

The telemetric water sensors work with solar energy to alert the nearest disaster control room when the floodwater level reaches 75 percent. For the lower geographical regions of the city, the alert becomes a precautionary help to evacuate the place. However, the provision to install more water sensors is taking time due to data monitoring. Even expert says data monitoring of these water sensors can take more than a year to be effective.

K Abhinandan, Senior Scientific Assistant, KSNDMC said, “We have fixed the sensors. However, we are checking the data. Once we feel that the data is okay then we will put it up.”

Bengaluru urban experienced 24.7 millimetres of rainfall in November. Areas like Yelanhanka, Yaswantpur, Rajarajeswari Nagara are among the most affected regions.  According to media reports, BBMP has declared that the city had rain damage of around Rs.1158 crores.

Describing the city’s condition during rain, Nagamma, a citizen said, “Rain fills water to knee level. We, the citizens here are facing many problems due to these storm-water floods. Water sensors will be helpful for us.”

Milinda Mishra, Disaster Management Specialist said, “The water sensors can give you an early warning. If there is an injury to risk life and property then it might help.” She also highlighted the need to have a proper drainage system to avoid these urban floods.

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