There is a significant rise in noise levels in some areas of Bangalore

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There is a significant rise in noise levels in some areas of Bangalore

By Aastha Chopra
BANGALORE, Oct 11, 2022.

Noise levels in Bangalore are breaching the stated limits in some areas. In the latest reports of KSPCB, Silent zones like RVCE on Mysore road saw an increase of 97 percent at night and 54.4 percent whereas NIMHANS recorded 40.3 percent increment in the noise levels.

Savinay Chopra, Indranagar Resident, said “It’s too noisy sometimes, even at night, it causes us too much disturbance here”

The major contributors to noise pollution are motor Vehicles and construction sites. The metro tunnels produce an echo of the vehicular movements which pass through the tunnels exceeding the prescribed limits, especially in commercial zones.
According to Dr. M Lokeshwari, Associate Professor & NSS Officer
(RV College of Engineering) Silence zone,“We are situated near highways, metro stations, and railway stations. During night time we are getting more noise, which affects the residential students a little.”

The Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) defined 50dB during the day and 40dB at night as the permissible noise level.
The KSPCB does real-time monitoring at 10 different stations, still people are filing complaints regarding the increased noise levels.

Jayprakash Naik, Senior Scientific Officer, KSPCB said,“It is seen that there is an increase in noise pollution. The noise pollution contribution is maybe through vehicular movements and constructions, but industrial areas noise levels are within limits.”

Experts say the way to control noise pollution is to switch to conventional methods.

Dr. KL Prakash, Professor and Researcher, Dept. of Environmental Science, Bangalore University“Till now they are using fossil fuels for vehicles, I suggest that technology has to change to bring down noise pollution, by adopting electric vehicles, promoting public transportation and adopt conventional means of energy like solar.
After pandemic restrictions are relaxed, the number of vehicles has tremendously increased which adds up to increase noise pollution.

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