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Excessive intake of health supplements can have negative impacts on your lifestyle.

The supplements suppliers have said that As people grow more health conscious after pandemic, the use of health supplement has increased by 5%. This comes with its own set of problems.

Devansh, a fitness enthusiast who consumes supplements, said, “I have used many types of supplements and I am using whey protein from more than 2 and a half year. After consumption of protein, I’m getting acne on my body, untimely popping out of pimples. After drinking protein with milk, I feel lazy the whole day.”

Abhinav Singh, another fitness enthusiast who used to consumes supplements, said, “There are no major side effects as such, but digestion is one of the problems.”

Gaurav Kumar, a fitness freak said, “I feel constipated at times and because of this I can’t even workout properly. Also, sometimes I feel very dizzy and even I lose enthusiasm at the end of the day.”

There are still some people who believe that consuming the right amount might not hamper people’s lifestyle. Unlike health steroids these supplements are easy to obtain. They can be found in any fitness store, as well as online.

VighneshSantosh Palekar, a fitness consultant, said, “There are no side effects of consuming supplements. It’s just a myth among people who feel that all these things are happening because of supplements.”

Ashok S, a supplement seller said, “The supplements which we give are good for their health. We suggested them correct things only. It totally depends on them how they consume it.”

Long term use of such supplements is both unnecessary and can lead to adverse health impacts.  Nutritionists and health experts are the people, whom one should visit and take suggestion from.

Idrezz Qureshi, a nutritionist and advisor said, “There are a lot of positive and negative effects. If you are taking too much of supplements, it may harm. First of all, you need to take suggestion from your dietician, you shouldn’t have to overdose.”

A balanced amount of intake is advisable. If people consume the correct amount and pay attention to whatever has been suggested by the nutritionist, then their lifestyle would be back on track.

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