Two pillion riders in the city!

Published on November 20, 2019 by

The TMC records more than 80 thousand cases up till October this year. It was around 68 thousand last year.

Sub-inspector Ravendra said, “We try to catch as many offenders as possible but they tend to run away. Whenever we try and stop them, they speed up and run which sometimes leads to accidents too.”

Under the new motor vehicles (amendment) act 2019, the fine for triple riding is Rs 2000 and   disqualification of license for 3 months.

Anushah, an IT employee said,Triple   riding   is very dangerous and usually I see college   kids doing it followed by rash driving which proves fatal.”

The motor riders conveniently ride across the city ignoring the severe consequences that may come along in case of an accident.

MN Sreehari, a traffic expert said, “Triple riding is against   the law. They are not supposed to do that. With all these they will not only kill themselves but also others on the road. This is very unfortunate that these kinds of people have the licenses.”

The new traffic rules remain unsuccessful as people continue to violate it

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