Two-wheeler’s bear brunt of decline in sales

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Two-wheeler sales declined in city in comparison to the last year. Fewer people bought two-wheeler this year while many commuters find the daily use of two-wheeler uneconomical.

Nov. 18, 2021

Shubhangi Mishra

Data from the Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers showed that two-wheelers domestic sales registered a decline of 13.19 percent in April-March 2021. Within the two-wheelers segment, scooters, motorcycles and mopeds declined by 19.51 percent, 10.65 percent and 3.07 percent respectively in April-March 2021 against the same period last year.

Rajini K., sales manager of Value Motors Agency Pvt. Ltd., said, “Two-wheelers are purchased by middle class in India, where 80 percent of them are going for finance, but banks are unable to provide them finance due to civil score problem. Salaries of people have been affected due to pandemic. Banks are rejecting finance of the buyers because of which many are not able to purchase a new two-wheeler.”

The Karnataka Two-wheeler Mechanic Association said that there has been a 60 percent dip in the sales of two wheelers in the city this year.

Secretary of the Karnataka Two-wheeler Mechanic Association, Bhaskar V. Naidu said that commuters are now using metro and bus facilities more for travelling longer distances because of the rise in petrol prices. They are finding it difficult to manage their daily travelling expenses. “Not only petrol prices but rise in two-wheeler prices from Rs, 65000 to Rs.1, 25,000 has made it even difficult for the buyers to buy it due to financial crisis,” he added. Commuters are shifting to public transport due to their economic instability. The rise in petrol prices have also made travelling unaffordable for many daily commuters.

The Government of Karnataka reduced the petrol price from Rs.113.93 to Rs.100.63 per litre on November 3,2021 but commuters witness no relief. Dr. Shalini Shalu, a frequent commuter, like many others has been finding travel unaffordable. She said, “As a frequent commuter, I am facing a lot of problems because of hike in petrol prices. Government should stop increasing the tax on petrol because for a common man with a limited salary given the pandemic situation, it’s becoming unmanageable.

Balu, a daily commuter said that earlier his scooty’s fuel tank used to get filled in Rs. 200 but now he has to invest Rs. 400-450 for the same.

Automobile Industry experts explained that there’s scope for recovery after December. Many companies are  asking employees to return to office from January 2021, which may increase the demand for two-wheelers. Commuters’ adaptability to the petrol prices can also play an important role in improving the sales of two-wheeler. However, it’s too soon to conclude that electric scooters will outstrip demand for gasoline-based two wheelers

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