Vehicles illegally entering bus lanes result in congestion.

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Vehicles in the city traveling from Silk Board to KR Puram are entering the bus lane which is a violation of traffic rules under the motor vehicles act.


This bus lane concept that was proposed was the first of its kind in Bangalore. This rule is often broken by vehicle owners because the width of the road is not enough.  And due to 4 lane junctions which makes the timings of the traffic more which causes traffic jam. But bus lanes are made for citizens so that they travel quickly and The government wants as many people to use Government BMTC buses so that the number of vehicles decreases on the road which will result in less pollution and it saves fuel as well.


Sagar who commutes every day says “It is hard to travel every day because of this bus lane and the width of the road is very narrow it is very difficult for the bikes and other vehicles to travel on the same narrow road which has a bus lane which makes it very difficult to travel. I have no other option but to enter to bus lane if not I will be late for my office and because of this bus lane the traffic also piles up. We know it’s wrong and against the rules but we have no other option. I have paid fines as well at times .”


Ashok senior traffic superintendent of police says “This bus lane was initially started from silk board to KR Puram looking at the Chaos of the traffic. This bus was promoted because of the heavy vehicles which travel from this lane and it connects to the interstate as well. Many IT companies are there which also adds up traffic in this junction. Seeing all this government decided to promote this bus lane to make life easy for the people. In a day up to 400 vehicles violate this rule and about 40 percent of the people who have violated have been fined and the rest of the people who travel during midnight cannot be shared because cops cannot be there at all times. He also mentions people have to use buses more in order to reduce traffic and vehicles which will also save fuel and the pollution will automatically reduce”


Mithali R Krishnaswamy expert in traffic says “People need to abide by the rules but the government needs to make sure that the new projects they promote need to be beneficial for the people and not make people’s lives miserable. There is not enough space for the vehicles to travel. Bikes not only enter the bus lane but also enter the pedestrians’ lane which is meant for people to walk. Cops and the government need to first broad base their projects keeping in mind all this. Vehicles enter the bus lane and violate the rules. People need to be disciplined they need to be self-aware of rules and follow them systematically.”










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