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Karnataka Kadilekai Parishe is back after 2 years, however customers have not.

Bengaluru: There are approximately 2000 vendors who have set up their stalls at the Karnataka Kadlekai Parishe. However, they have noticed a decrease in the footfall and sales this year.

Satya, a stall owner, said, “It is difficult, we don’t have any money. Sales are also very less. We have made only profit of 500 Rupees yesterday.” He added that when it rains, he has to sleep near the stalls as they fear theft. Due to the rain this year, the yield is also low. Thus, the overall price of production has increased.

Afsar Pasha, a stall owner from Kollar district, said, “I’ve been coming to this fair for the past 20 years. Due to the rain, everything has become expensive. Total production has also gone down.”

The customers also said that they expected a larger crowd this year as the festival is back after two years. Divya S., a customer said, “I come here every year. There is an increase in the price this year. It was around Rs 20 last year, now it is around Rs 30-40.”

Popularly known as the groundnut festival, the Kadalekayi Parishe welcomes the first yield of the groundnut crop. The festival started in the year 1537AD where farmers gather at the bull temple each year to seek blessings for a good harvest.

The festival, this year, was inaugurated by BBMP Commissioner Gaurav Gupta, accompanied by IAS Rakesh Singh, BBMP Admin Officer, Health Officer Shivakumar and Special Commissioner Tulsi Madinneni around 11:15 AM.

BBMP officials have decided to extend this to a three day event. He spoke about how the festival is being celebrated keeping in accordance to the COVID Protocols. The police officials added that there is a plastic ban at the festival and a fine of Rs. 500 is levied.

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