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Towing away cases increases by 38% post Covid in Bengaluru.

Bengaluru: Towing away of vehicles is a common sight in Bengaluru. According to Bangalore Traffic Police, a total of 29,172 towing cases have been registered in 2021 till now. The commuters, unknowingly park their vehicles and their vehicles get towed away.

Commuters have to pay a heavy fine with two-wheelers being charged Rs. 750 and four-wheelers Rs. 1100 for wrong parking. If the vehicle is towed, the fine rises to Rs. 1650 for two-wheelers and Rs 2000 for four-wheelers.

Nataraj Narayan, a bike owner, “We don’t know where we can or cannot park our vehicles. And it is very important for the government to create awareness on that. Because, I have parked my vehicles on the street and it’s been towed-away.”

They also have to bear the cost of repairs for any damages caused by the tow trucks.

Tanisha Kannan, a student said, “I had to pay a very heavy fine, not only that there were scratches on my scooty and my rear-view mirror was also broken.”

Nagaraj Narayan, a traffic police constable said, “The cases have increased after the lockdown. People don’t look at the parking board due to which they get into trouble.”

Fewer parking spaces compel people to park their vehicles in the wrong place.

Professor M.N Sreehari, Traffic Advisor and Infrastructure Consultant and Expert says, “But still because of the distance they come by two-wheelers they don’t find the parking place, they are forced to park outside in the no parking zone. So, at that time it attracts unnecessary fine plus towing charges.”

Creating awareness and giving clear guidelines may help drivers avoid parking offences.

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