Software piracy- A major concern

Published on November 25, 2019 by

A software company was swindled by a person. It is facing a huge loss. The person was arrested in a software piracy case and later released on bail.

Reported by Shreyas Vange

Thursday, November 21, 2019, Bangalore

Bangalore: A person committed a software piracy fraud. He sold a cracked version of the software of Bell TPO software company. A complaint was registered against him in October against him.

According to Vinod Bellamkonda, Owner of Bell TPO software company, “A person had sold a cracked version of my software to several individuals. Once I caught him and said that whatever you are doing is wrong and illegal. He told me that prove me wrong and then we will see what the consequences will be. A complaint was filed against him in October. However, after the incident, the sales of our company have gone down and we are suffering huge losses due to it”.

According to the data by the Karnataka Police Department, there have been more than one thousand cases registered which are about cybercrime.

According to the Sridhar, Sub-inspector of the CK Achukattu police station, “The person had swindled several people by selling them a pirated version of software of Bell TPO software company. We started tracking this from July. A complaint was registered against the person in the month of October. We arrested the person in the same month. Later, he was released on bail but we seized his laptop and given it to the forensic department for evidence. It will send a report after 5 to 6 months.”

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